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First Cum Swallow Ever!

Lisa Ann is ranked as the number 1 Milf in the world. In real life not only is she is gorgeous but she is an executive and owns one if the largest modeling agencies on the planet! Well, The Bossxxx pulled out his wallet and I mean pulled it out big time for Lisa Ann to perform exclusively in her newest B/G scene and her first swallow ever on!
Married & Cheating!
Milf Superstar Comeback scene!

As many porn afficianados know Gina Lynn recently got married and took a short break from the porn business. Gina gets back in the business with a extreme hardcore milf scene that will leave your balls blue and in need of a cold shower! After some time in and out of the porn world GIna still looks fucking great.She has a nice round butt and a great set of boobs measuring at a 34D Cup size!It's hard to believe that such a hot vixen is doing porn let alone cheating on her husband!
Office Mom Banged!
This sexy MILF is the head of her own business, so she says what goes in her workplace. Luckily for our boy Dick Delaware who was applying for a job that day, she was in the mood to get fucked. While he was filling out the job application, she began to slowly undress right in front of him! When he noticed what she was doing, he got the hint and was ready to get it on. He ate out her nice pussy and then she returned the favor. Next, he banged the shit out of her all over her office. Then to secure the job, he came all over her face and glasses!
Cheating With The Realtor!

Priya's house is on the market and her real estate broker has to really work at selling her beautiful house. She's a bit concerned about getting a low rate for her house, so the totally hot cheating mom is more than willing to convince him to make things happen. She slowly opens her blouse to expose just a hint of cleavage and our stud begins to think of plenty of ways to make this transaction work in her favor. She drops to her knees and wraps her sexy cheating lips on his rock hard cock. Her husband is hardly ever around so she takes a good fucking from his rock hard cock, making her scream like a mad woman. After blowing his wad all over her mouth and tits, this cheating bitch knows that's he's going to bust his ass in selling that fucking house!
Kayla Bounces Her 50II CUP Boobs!
You know we love big tits, and you know we love hot moms and now they are both one because this week we have Kayla Kleevage! This chick has enormous tits and she is a mom! We were strolling through central park and we saw her just sitting on a bench by herself with a really tight shirt, she might have well had been just wearing nothing because it was so tight we could see right through it! We knew she was a horny MILF so we picked her up and took her to the porno apartment and worked her out some!
Fuck The Boss or You're Fired!

Brittany was in the office one day and let me tell you, she was not in a good mood. She called in one of her employees who has been dressing like a bum in the workplace. She reprimanded him for this but she still couldn't get through to him. She gave him an offer; to please her or lose his job. Watch as this sexy MILF gets fucked by her employee, only for!
Fucking The Bonus Out Of Boss Lady's Ass!
BB Gunn is a sexy MILF who is the head of her company. One of her employees came into her office to get his Christmas bonus before he left for the weekend. He opened it up right there and noticed that it was a good seven hundred dollars less than it should be! He asked her about it and she gave him an attitude and said that "the economy is in the shitter" and "if you want more, you're going to have to give me something!"
Paulie Fucks Claudia!
Paulie the Guniea has been friends with a college buddy of his for the longest time and he knows his wife well! Claudia is a hot bitch and used to be a model! She always had the hots for Paulie but she never told him! She confided this little secret in us and we got the two together behind her husbands back and they had some real fun!
Getting To Fuck The Boss

Holly is a hot blonde milf who's trying to run a business, but her employee is an absolute goof off and doesn't do shit for the company. She's trying to decide if it's worth keeping him around, but then discovers he has a huge cock, which serves her purpose. She truly test his abilities as she takes his cock deep into her hot milf mouth, but he proves to be able to take charge as he bends her over and fucks that hot tanned pussy on her desk. She takes a hot wad down her sweet mom milf and our stud gets to keep his fucking job!
Shyla The Hottest Mom In the World!

We traveled down to sunny Los Angeles and famous Venice beach one day to enjoy that California sun and to see if we could find any sexy lonesome moms to entertain us! Venice beach is always full of beautiful babes but we were on a mission to find the hottest! After having little luck we ended up walking down to the water and suddenly we spied this insanely gorgeous blonde Milf with beautiful big breasts sitting by herself on the beach. The only reason she is still married is because she has a kid and she's trying to make it work. She has had enough of his bullshit and needs someone to take care of her needs, and we are the ones for the job!
The Hunter Becomes The Hunted!
You all know Hunter Bryce is one of the hottest models out today and if you can believe it this chick is a mom! She would love to get fucked all day everyday but can't do it because she works! Well we devised a way where at work we could send her a stud to work on and we could film it all in her office! This chick loved every minute of it, she loved it so much she squirted all over the camera!
Lonely Carmella Finds A Fella!

We met up with one of the Incredible boys, and he was telling us about this friend of his who's mom is supposed to be fucking gorgeous! We are always on the search for the hottest milfs, so we found this broad, it was Carmella Bing! This chick is so hot, but not only that she loves young cock and couldn't help but fuck the shit out of her son's best friend!
Fucking Her Personal Trainer!
Presley is a gorgeous young MILF who wants to get in great shape. She was in the office at her gym awaiting her personal trainer's arrival for her fitness assessment. She said that she wanted to tone up her body with his help. He asked her about her goals and she said that she wanted to work on her butt. He told her that "doggy-style works very well on your butt" and she took the bait. Watch as this banging babe gets fucked into shape only for!
Settling Sexual Harassment!
Jordan is a slamming MILF who happens to be the boss in her workplace. She was shocked when she found out that one of her employees, Jessica had threatened to file a sexual harassment suit against one of her male employees. When she called him into the office and spoke with him, he said that it was Jessica who was doing the harassing. After a brief discussion, he said that Jessica had told him that she could see his dick through his pants.
MILF Helps Her Son!
Bailey is a smoking hot young MILF who really loves her son. On this early evening, Paulie The Ginny from the big brother program came over to pick up her son to take him to the gym. Mrs. Brooks loves that Paulie is helping her son get ready for pee-wee football because her husband is working all the damn time. So she decided to repay the favor and in the process, get off herself. Watch as this gorgeous MILF gets fucked only for!
June Gets A Big Shlong!
June is a hot milf who works hard everyday, she's a bit of a workaholic and she is always so tense! We saw this mom all stressed out so we called in the best man for the job Byron Long! June gets so stressed out she can be kind of a bitch, so we stuck a big cock in her mouth and taught her a few lessons!
Megan The M.I.L.F. Gets A Pounding!
Megan has a bit of her problem, her son is a degenerate gambler! She was minding her own business one day when a lone shark came to the house looking to collect the debts her son owed to the bookie! She knew her son didn't have any money so she offered the only thing that she thought would save her son, her body! The lone shark took the exchange and what a good one it was!
Michelle Bangs Hard!
This week on we have none other than the beautiful, the busty, Michelle McClaren! Its not just her name that sounds fast its her! This chick lives on the edge she fucks hard and parties hard! She got her nipples pierced and wanted to show them off to her co-worker and we got it all on tape, what happens next was un-expected but Michelle decided to bang her co-worker!
Sharon Gets Some Lovin!

We don't always search for stereotypical looking MILF models when we find babes for our scenes, we like a bit of variation. But sometimes there is something about a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and big tits! Sharon Pink is absolutely gorgeous and you can't deny how perfect her titties are, this chick is Grade A dime piece!
We Get High With Sky!

At the office it was casual friday and our buddy came in a little too under dressed! His sexy boss, Sky Taylor, notices and calls him into to bust his balls! Sky really has a hidden agenda, her little pocket rocket vibrator she keeps in her desk ran out of batteries, so she needed something to get her through the day! How about a big cock!


Sara Gets Her Quota Filled!

While working hard all day long Sara Jay needs a bit of release! This big breasted, big booty babe needs a big cock! She pretends like she's having some problems at the office and calls in the office technician who she has been eyeing for weeks now! This dude has a huge cock and Sara couldn't get enough!

Ex Vivid star Julia Ann Goes Extreme Interracial

Contract girl Julia Ann has only done easy, soft, condom scenes with Wicked and Vivid. Well her contracts are over so TheBossxxx & Incredible Pass talked to Julia Ann's agent about doing her first extreme hardcore scene with a black man! By the way, the black dude happens to be The AVN Male Performer of the Year with a 10 inch rock solid cock! Watch as Julia Ann gets completely destroyed & annihilated in her first extreme hardcore interracial scene ever!
Tax Trouble!

Uh-Oh! The tax man showed up today at Claudia's office and told her that her company was to be audited. Well she was a little frightened at first but she had a plan. She lured the taxman into her office so that they could talk more intimately. Over and over Claudia tried to convince the taxman to dropped the audit but he wasn't budging. So she had to resort to Plan B: Fuck and suck him until he decides her company doesn't need to be audited.

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